Urban Sprint 20W PD+QC Super Fast Charger with C-C Cable

  1. 20 W top with 60 W Type C cable fast charging
  2. Quick Charging Technology Power delivery with Quick charging 3.0 protocols.
  3. Multi layer protection.
  4. ABS Fire proof casing.
  5. Optimal power charging.
  6. Tangle free Cord
  7. Compatibility – Type C supporting devices
  8. Connector type – Type C 
  9. Available Colors: White, Black.

699.00 * Inclusive of GST


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Inbase Urban Sprint charger is made by the Quick charging technology and delivers the power up to 60 Watts.

It is tangle free cord and gives multi level protection for the device against over current, Overheating and over charging.

It is compatible in size and we can take it anywhere. 

In Urban Sprint Charger smart chips are used to detect automatically and delivers the optimal charging power for connected device. 

This Charger can be widely used in Mobile, Laptops, Neck bank and Bluetooth Speaker.


Quick Charging

Urban Lightning Cables has large internal wires so that it can carry current in up to 60 W and the cost of the fast charging cables are more efficient than other cables.

20 W Power Delivery (PD)

Inbase provide 20 Watts Power delivery and 60 watts Type C cable offers 4Xcharges than conventional charging.

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