Our Vision

To innovate and offer unique and premium smart mobile accessories and lifestyle products to people and make their lives easier with technology.

Our Mission

To focus on offering the widest range of products across different verticals at competitive prices through a Pan-India network of dealers and distributors, and expand globally to reemphasize the message of "Be Indian, Buy Indian".

Innovation that seeks your attention

Inbasetech a company formed with the sole purpose of enhancing the mobile experience, by means of accessories that take the consumers a step closer to enhancing the life of their product and staying in vogue at the same time. People at Inbasetech celebrate life with passion and they care about their gadgets as much as you do.

You need protection for your gadgets, and you sometimes need enhancements to give you more features, to see more, to hear more, to feel more, and you want them all in a stylish package, and so do we! Inbasetech is here to achieve just that: an enhanced experience with technology and bring to you products that match the needs of a diversified user base. The explains our wide spectrum of accessories.Are you a young, vivacious and independent human being who loves turning up the volume when their favourite number comes on? Or do they call you a freak because of the sheer number of gizmos you own? Perhaps, you are always in vogue for the kind of technology you carry on-the-go.

If you are the kind that seeks innovation, then InBase is seeking you. As our name suggests, INnovation lies at the BASE of our company’s core principles, and translates seamlessly into every product that goes out from our idea factory.

Inbase gives you a never-like-before, enhanced experience with technology, offering you a diversified range of premium mobile accessories and lifestyle product enhancements. Our flagship range of watches, popular among the classes as URBAN, are the hottest and keep trending for their super stylish and multifaceted features.

Founded in 2003 by Aashish Kumbhat, Inbase strives to care and protect users’ gadgets with accessories of superior quality, ergonomic built and world-class features, all in a strong and stylish packaging. Today, Inbase enjoys a Pan-India presence and wide recognition and demand in the Caribbean, and certain parts of America and UAE. The company aims to strengthen its presence and branch out to other countries in the years to come.

With a wide range and diversified portfolio of brands, models and variants driven by 700+ SKUs, the company appeals to different segments of the society with whom it connects through its association with Large Format Retailers (LFR), Dealers and Distributor Networks.

Our Brands

Inbase's in-house range of mobile accessories and lifestyle products is based on not just functionality but also the value it adds to a customer's life. The products are a perfect fit for those who desire quality and feature-rich products


Inbase has showcased its spectrum of brands viz Inbase, Arrow, IPak, Willsun, Urban Series and its products ranging from Smart Watches and Neck Bands to Pop Grips and Belt Pouches, through demos and interactions at various exhibitions.