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"1. No of connectors - 2 2. Compatible Male connectors – Micro 3. Compatible female connectors - Type C 4. Type – Data sharing/ power sharing "

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Our USB-Micro (male) to Type C connector (female) allows you to sync USB-Micro devices with a type C port. OTG connector designed for easy plugging and unplugging. No external driver or software installation needed. Use this adapter to connect the Type C connector to a micro USB cable to sync and charge. This connector converts a male micro USB connection to a female type C connection. Smaller, smarter and more convenient connector that simplifies the connection plugs and unplugs easily without checking the connector orientation. Features · USB-Micro (male) to type C adapter (female) allows you to charge and sync Micro USB devices with a type C cable, plug and play design, no external driver or software installation needed. · Compact Metallic Build: Components with metallic construction take the Arrow mini adapter anywhere, light and compact, it is so small that you can fit it into the coin pocket of your jeans. · Device Compatibility: Compatible with all Type C supporting devices and micro USB cable will also be compatible for type C by using this converter.

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